Barista Bot
Brilliant Brew

A Robot that Prints Yours Face on Your Latte

The Barista Bot was created for General Electric's #BrilliantBrew campaign and debuted in Austin at SXSW 2013. It was made in a collaboration between Midnight Commercial, Hypersonic Engineering & DesignRock Paper Robot, and Kyle McDonald.

An interactive robotic experience to connect technology, people, and machines, Barista Bot utilizes simple devices to take real time facial data to draw your likeness on top of your very own latte.

Housed in a mobile coffee truck, the Barista Bot will take a customer’s picture using a webcam. The camera’s photo is computationally transformed by digitizing the bitmapped image into a line drawing.

The line drawing is then sent to the Barista Bot which operates similarly to your standard 3D printer, moving along the X, Y and Z axis to extrude coffee through a syringe, atop a latte's foam. 

Source code for this project was written with openFrameworks and is available on GitHub.