Timepiece Explorer
A Gestural Interface Installation

Timepiece Explorer is a custom, gestural installation for browsing videos of Cartier's fine watchmaking.

For the  exhibit at Fast Company’s 2010 Most Creative People event in New York, Jamie's former studio, Zigelbaum + Coelho, was asked to create a novel user interaction that anyone could immediately use and understand to view videos of Cartier's most advanced, fine watchmaking. Through the use of research-level optical hull sensing technologies, we created a video control interface operated by movements of the hand in mid-air.

Commissioned by Publicis Modern and Cartier, Timepiece Explorer is composed of a sensing frame and display panel, the Timepiece Explorer enables a fluid interaction with video. By moving your hands in the space within the frame, you can select and view videos of Cartier’s most innovative timepieces. The videos flow like a stream of water. Lateral motions let you swim back and forth, pushing through time as if video itself were a physical substance bound by the dynamics of mass, inertia, and friction.